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(no subject)

Jan. 31st, 2009 | 08:58 pm
posted by: kiara0emile in animepenpals

Name:~ Kiara
Nicknames:~ Kia , K
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthday: 07 December 1994
Sign: Sagi
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Hazel
Location: Flo-Rida (>>)

Penpal email account: Cold_CrimsonxKisses@hotmail.com
AIM: n/a
MSN: Cold_CrimsonXKisses@hotmail.com
ICQ: n/a
Google Talk: n/a

Anime, Manga, Music, Writing poems and stories and playing around with things on Facebook. I'm not really INTERESTED by anything, but I'm easily distracted >>

I'm a schooler D:! I don't go to 'Work'

No tattoos yet, I have only one peircing on each ear

DS lite (Does that count? .  .?)

Favorite Videogame(s): 
FF, KH and I lubb Time Hollow ->w<-

Favorite Anime(s):
I love anything that's horror, comedy and shonen

So my fabvs are-
Reborn! (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
Prince Of Tennis
Casshern SINS
Death Note
Soul Eater

And some others I can't remember...

Favorite Manga(s):
Naruto (Can't help it xD)
Rabbit Doubt

Favorite Band/Singer(s):
Metro Station, Likin Park, MCR, you know...anything I can dance to

Favorite Movie(s):
The Harry Potter Series and Cirque Du Freak movie when it comes out in October D:

Age: 14 and up?


I don't mind where. The farther the best >w<

How long have you been penpalling:
I'm a n00b :3

How many penpals do you have:
1 I think....

How many do you want:
Any amount, I'll be greatful to get people >>

How long are your letters:
It depends

Do you type or handwrite:

Do you like sending gifts with your letters:
Nah, I'm stingy that way xD

Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters:
I usually respond right away

I'd prefer to have a MSN penpal, I don't REALLY read my e-mails so...but if you don't have a MSN e-mail or can't use messenger I'll just check my e-mail..it's take a longer time tho...

Can't wait to hear from you -^^-


Brand New . . .

Jan. 30th, 2009 | 03:11 am
mood: content content
music: Kill Hannah - Boys And Girls
posted by: serpant13 in animepenpals

Name: Bekki
Nicknames: Lil Vampire, MeliaeCain
Age: 18
Gender: female
Birthday: 31 July 1990
Sign: Leo, Horse
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue/Green
Location: UK, Just outside of London
Email: fairydustandbutterflywings@hotmail.co.uk

Penpal email account: fairydustandbutterflywings@hotmail.co.uk
AIM: n/a
MSN: fairydustandbutterflywings@hotmail.co.uk
ICQ: n/a
Google Talk: n/a

Interests: Manga, Anime, Cartoons, Reading, Drawing, Ocasionaly writing, Fanfiction, Just the general stuff really.
Work: Nothing at the moment, i'm a trainged engineer, looking for a job.
School: High School and College.
Tattoos/Piercing: I have my lip pierced on the right hand side, my ear's pierced, i have plans for more piercings, also a tattered fairy tattoo on my left shoulder blade and a snake at the base of my back when i gain the funds.

Systems: PC, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, did have an X-box 360, and a Wii
Favorite Videogame(s): Halo 3, Devil May Cry, Full Metal Alchemist, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Red, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Gears Of War, Etc.
Favorite Anime(s): Full Metal Alchemist, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Mark Of the Succubus, Pokemon, Tarot Cafe, Absolute Boyfriend, Etc.
Favorite Manga(s): Vampire Knight and Full Metal Alchemist.
Favorite Band/Singer(s): I like alot of music, my favourites at the moment include Kelly Clarkson, Breaking Benjamin, N-Dubz, Nightwish, Evanescence, Kill Hannah, Etc.
Favorite Movie(s): Gone In 60 Seconds, Anything by Disney, and anything 'Scary' or horror/Sci-fi
Favorite TV show(s): Scrubs, Family Guy, Futurama, Avatar The Last Airbender, Pokemon, Ben 10, Phineas and Ferb, Hustle, NCIS, CSI (all of them), Numb3rs, Etc.
Favorite Food(s):I love Chinese, Chocolate and Pocky are my weakness, Sushi, Chicken Supernoodles (so unhealthy i know), Chicken Wraps, Ben and Jerries (especially the half baked one) and last but not least Tuna Pasta ^,^

Age: 18+
Gender: either
Location: anywhere and everywhere!
How long have you been penpalling: I've had a few penpals in the past, but not for a few years now.
How many penpals do you have: None at the moment.
How many do you want: As many as i can keep up with i suppose.
Do you type or handwrite: I tend to drift between the two depending on my mood.
Do you like sending gifts with your letters: I like to exchange stuff yeah, like pictures and hand made things mainly.
Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters: It usually takes me a few hours of so after getting a letter to reply and then to the next day or so to send it depending on how busy i am.
How long it takes to get there? That depends on where it would have to be sent to i guess, but the royal mail is generally rather slow.


Pen Pally Love!

Jan. 28th, 2009 | 11:05 pm
posted by: thedrearyraven in animepenpals

i actually just stumbled upon this page by looking for snail mail language exchange.  lucky i found another fun group to snail mail.  =3

Name: Raven
Nicknames: my "j-name" was Ruki back in the day..
Age: 21 (soon)
Gender: femme
Birthday: 10 february, 1988
Sign: aquarius, fire rabbit
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Location: just moved to Moreno Valley,CA from Denali,AK and Tampa,FL
Email: jiawen@mtsong.com

Penpal email account: jiawen@mtsong.com
AIM: captjacksparrow, but i barely go on
MSN: n0lab3ls@hotmail.com, again, barely on
ICQ: n/a
Google Talk: n0lab3ls

Interests: the typical manga, anime, cosplaying, etc of course.  but i also just love cartoons in general.  (avatar the last airbender, teen titans, etc. LOVE!!!)  i also LOVE drawing and painting so if you write me, you will get lots of random art.  i am a HUGE, HUGE gamer.  my current game obsessions are Biohazard, Soul Calibur, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, and Heavenly Sword.  i love fire dancing and my tools of trade are hoop, fans, and poi.  one of my biggest passions, though, is tea.  seriously, try to out whiz me on tea.  i'll beat you down!  let me start.  how does white and green tea help prevent cancer?  which of the two teas have more antioxidants and by how much?  xD
Work: nothing yet because i just moved across country.  but my last non-seasonal job was a tea barista at a tea emporium called Teavana.
School: high school.  tis all.  had a few problems my graduating year so i didn't plan for any college.  i don't mind though.
Tattoos/Piercing: this is a weird question.  anyway, three in my right ear and four on my left.  i also have a raven tattoo on the small of my back.  i'm also planning to get an oroboros, an ohm, and some fire symbol.

Systems: PS3, GameCube, (wishlist...!) Xbox 360.  technically i have a wii, but it's in a college dorm with my sister.  xP
Favorite Videogame(s): Biohazard (Resident Evil), Metal Gear Solid, Heavenly Sword, Soul Calibur IV, Devil May Cry, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Call of Duty 4 & 5, Gears of War, etc etc etc...
Favorite Anime(s): i'll be honest, i have been out of the "j-scene" lately, but my sister has gotten me back on the bandwagon.  the series i have watched recently are Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Vampire Knight.  but i am a die-hard fan of the EARLY series of Bleach.  ok.  basically if it has Rukia in it, i like it.  xD  i also love Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist).  there are plenty of old series i love, but there are so many to list.
Favorite Manga(s): currently just Vampire Knight.
Favorite Band/Singer(s): too many to list.  big fan of Nightwish and Within Temptation.  but it's strange because with all the hardcore rock music i listen to, i am also absolutely in love with the New Age genre.
Favorite Movie(s): oh boy.  i'll just say a few.  Carrie, What Dreams May Come, Crash, etc.
Favorite TV show(s): Scrubs, Family Guy, Futurama, Avatar The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, Ben 10 Alien Force (haha.  this one was so random even for me!)
Favorite Food(s): i'm a pretty strict vegetarian so most Filippino dishes (i'm 100% Flip!) minus the meat, french fries, noodles, various cream-filled pastries (my weakness), and asian candies.

Age: 21 and up.  i have an age complex.  =P
Gender: either
Location: anywhere and everywhere!
How long have you been penpalling: i am a penpal pro.  been doing it since i was a youngin until now.  =3
How many penpals do you have: hard to say.  some don't always respond right away so i never know.  as for regular, every-other-week penpal, one.
How many do you want: as many as the responds i get.  =3  seriously, i love writing letters!
How long are your letters: oh god.  i can go on and on.  but i DO also like to send short and sweet letters and cards.  =3  really, it depends on how much the other person writes.  i do always write a little more, albeit.  hehe..
Do you type or handwrite: i love handwritten letters so i like handwriting mine.  i do tend to write small so i've been tempted to type, but i'm working on writing bigger.  hehe.
Do you like sending gifts with your letters: OMG YES!  kinda has to be an exchange though.  it's not fair if i'm the only one sending gifts!
Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters: i usually write the day i get the letter and send it out the following.  every so often though i DO get busy, but i always get back at a really great time.  =3
How long it takes to get there? hmm.  i dunno.  united states postal service, would you like to answer that?

please be my penpal!  i promise i won't disappoint.  =3


This sounds fun :D

Jan. 26th, 2009 | 04:49 pm
posted by: rynthehylian in animepenpals

I would like to gain close online friends. I'm not interested in snail mail pen pals yet, but perhaps when we get to know each other better. :D

I'm a twenty-one year old female gamer. I love drawing, cats, anime/manga, playing video games, The Legend of Zelda (series), and Pokemon games. One day I would like to be an illustrator or conceptual artist profesionally. I'm engaged to a fellow gamer and anime fan named, Tony. I'm a guild leader of a multi-game guild called Anima. My journal consits of things like drawings, MMO talk, Pokemon talk, other fandom stuff, and general day-to-day things.

InterestsCollapse )

Feel free to add me as a LiveJournal friend.


(no subject)

Nov. 29th, 2008 | 12:49 pm
posted by: mangatenshi in animepenpals



Nov. 21st, 2008 | 12:11 pm
music: "Candy" -Rosaka Riyu
posted by: moonchild10 in animepenpals

Hi there! ^^

Name: Danielle, though I preferred to be called Danie (pronounced like 'Dani')
Nicknames: Dan-Dan, Panda Bear, Meikyou, Mei, Mei-Mei, Tama-chan
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday: 10/5/88
Sign: Libra
Hair color: reddish blonde
Eye color: changes between blue and green
Location: Billings, MT, USA
Email: raitocakes@yahoo.com

Penpal email account: raitocakes@yahoo.com
AIM: Ritsu Minami
MSN: sukiresu@yahoo.com
ICQ: I don't have one
Google Talk: lol.tamaki

Interests: manga, anime, music, creative writing, sparkly things, nerding it up, fanfiction, strawberries, gothic lolita, making icons, plushies, fashion design, cosplay, upbeat music, cooking, foreign cuisine, Japanese and French culture, languages, history, singing, theater
Work: I'm a writer *fails* I work a little at a day care and I'm trying to get a seasonal job at Hastings, but other than that my life is mostly consumed by my novels. I plan to open a store that sells custom-made cakes, manga, and clothing I design, though.
School: I finished high school, and that's about it. I did fairly well in it, though.
Tattoos/Piercing: 1 piercing in each ear, and I'm planning a small pink star tattoo on my chest.

Systems: PS2, Gamecube, PS1, XBox 360, PC
Favorite Viodegame(s): Grand Theft Auto series (especially San Andreas), The Sims 2, The Sims Pets, Karaoke Revolution, Soul Calibur, Timesplitters seres
Favorite Anime(s): Death Note, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Gravitation, Loveless, Sukisho, Princess Princess, Boogiepop Phantom, Hellsing
Favorite Manga(s): Fruits Basket, Loveless, Princess Princess, Legal Drug, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Family Complex, Gravitation, Sensitive Pornograph, Little Butterfly, Ouran High School Host Club, Hands Off!, Kedamono Demono, Metamo Kiss, Kanpai, Millenium Snow
Favorite Band/Singer(s): Evanescence, Disturbed, Lacuna Coil, Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Branch, Rob Zombie, Cobra Starship, Gorillaz, Alexz Johnson, Dream, Cold, Britney Spears, Swell Maps, and almost everything else but country
Favorite Movie(s): Underworld, Sorority Boys, The Matrix, Stigmata, Interview with the Vampire, Sean of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Babel, August Rush, Phantom of the Opera (2004 remake), Van Helsing, Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, Corpse Bride
Favorite TV show(s): Mythbusters, Scaries Places on Earth, Recess, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Mission Hill, almost anything on the Discovery Channel/History Channel
Favorite Food(s): pizza, onigiri with tuna, pasta, cake, sweet and sour chicken, almost any kind of authentic Chinese or Japanese cuisine

Age: Doesn't matter
Gender: Doesn’t matter.
Location: Doesn’t matter.
How long have you been penpalling: I did it when I was a kid, but not very long.
How many penpals do you have: None right now
How many do you want: The more the merrier!
How long are your letters: It depends on the subject matter and my mood XD sometimes I can ramble quite a bit
Do you type or handwrite: I like to handwrite so I can draw cute little pictures on the paper XD but sometimes I type, too
Do you like sending gifts with your letters: of course! ^^ Gifts are fun to send. I love picking things out for people, or making them.
Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters: It depends on whether I'm busy or not. Usually not too long!
How long it takes to get there? I don't know... it all depends on where it's going!

YAY! I hope I find a penpal :3


(no subject)

Nov. 15th, 2008 | 12:59 pm
posted by: seed_inyou in animepenpals

^^ Hey there. Postage Pen-palling is NOT the best of ideas for me right now, since my mom is always complaining about stamps. I can do e-mail and IM and such :) but if it comes to mailing plushies and anything else that cannot be sent through e-mail, I'll be MORE than happy to send postage every once in a while ^^

Name: Jessica
Nicknames: JC, Jaycizzle, Jessyka
Age: 17
Gender: Female.
Birthday: July 6 1991
Sign: cancer
Hair color: Blonde/brown.
Eye Color: Blue/grey
Location: South Carolina, US. (originally from New York, US)
Email: forthediehards@yahoo.com OR chatty1@carolina.rr.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/xxunwanted47xx

Interests: Animals, Writing, Listening to music, walking, singing, watching cartoons and anime. Reading, playing video games.

Work: I just quit Build a Bear, and now I work at a restaurant called Showmars.

School: I'm a senior in high school

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy Vii, Dirge of Cerberus, sonic the hedgehog, mario and luigi, kingdom hearts, Naruto, many many many MANY more

Favorite Anime: Naruto.

Favorite Bands/Singers: The Academy Is..., The Cab, The GazettE, Gackt, Dir En Grey, Sugarcult, the used, motion city soundtrack, panic at the disco, fall out boy, underoath, the almost, system of a down...ect...

Favorite TV shows: Everything played on Nickelodeon, Naruto, House, American Idol, so on

Favorite Foods: haha I love chocolate, pizza, pasta, and most breads/carbs haha

If you wanna be my penpal, please let me know here and shoot me either an e-mail or hit me up on myspace :) I'm really excited for this to start ^^


Penpal For Sale - Only .50 cents

Oct. 21st, 2008 | 06:15 am
location: Behind You
mood: awake awake
music: See-Saw - In The Land Of The Twilight, Under The Moon
posted by: miss_miako in animepenpals

Name: Mia
Nickname(s): Miako and/or Mimi
Age: 25 (lovin it!)
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 13th ( if you're superstitious you can't talk to me. =P )
Sign: Leo
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Location: Florida, US

Contacts: *If you want to penpal with me you can PM me or IM me on one of these, but I'd like to keep contact mostly to snail mail. ^_^*
AIM: SerenitysLocket
MSN: serenityslocket@hotmail.com (I never activated the e-mail account so don't actually write me e-mail to this name, it'll never get checked. ^_^  But I'm always signed into MSN msgr)

Interests: Manga, Anime, Writing, Kawaii Stationery, Performing Arts, All things Japan related, Japanese Fashion, Movies, World Domination, Baking, Tea Ceremony, Different Cultures(especially Japanese)..err..so much stuff, I'll think of more if you write me. ^_^
Work: Financial/Banking
School: School's out forEVER. Nah, I plan to go back for my Bachelor's but I did do the whole community college thing. ^_^
Tattoos/Piercing:  I have my ears pierced, but I'm not fond of earrings so I barely make use of them. My mom got them done when I was two. I use to have a tongue ring when I was 16-21, then I stopped wearing it. No tattoos but I'm thinking on it... I can't seem to think of anything that would look good. *sigh*

Because obviously it's a novelette. *blush*Collapse )


:DDD! Pen pal time :D

Oct. 17th, 2008 | 01:05 pm
mood: chipper chipper
music: Brick-Ben Folds Five
posted by: yunadances in animepenpals

Name; Jessica
Nicknames; Jess, Jessi, Amane, Yuna, YD, too many really. XD;
Age; 20
Gender; Female
Birthday; 01/27/88
Sign; Aquarius
Hair color; dark brown
Eye color; dark brown
Location; Kentucky, USA
Email; jessicalynnrudd@yahoo.com

Penpal email account; jessicalynnrudd@yahoo.com
AIM: not anymore
MSN; jessicalynnrudd@hotmail.com
ICQ: n//a

Interests; anime, conventions, cosplay, video games of all sorts, drawing, TV, movies, internet, lots of stuff XD;
Work; I am a crew trainer at Subway. Whoo.
School; I finished school, went to 2 years of college, and decided to take a year off.
Tattoos/Piercing;  2 in my ear, and 2 tattoos on my chest of Papou fruit. XD

Systems; PS2, N64, super Nit, nit, and Nit DS. Plan on getting a PS3 soon.
Favorite Viodegame (s);  Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, TWEWY, Harvest moon, The Legend of Dragoon, Silent Hill

Favorite Anime (s);  Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon, TMoHS (Haruhi), Romeo x Juliet, Strawberry Panic, Gundam Wing, Junjou Romantica, Gravitation,  and many more.

Favorite Manga (s); Princess Ai, .hack//twlight, and more... it's been forever since I read manga though D;
Favorite Band/Singer (s);
,Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Taylor Swift, The Veronica's, Flyleaf, Chris Brown, Britney Spears... I listen to everything pretty much.

Favorite Movie (s);
Harry Potter, Blades of Glory, Mean Girls, 10 things I hate about you, and any 90's disney movie. XD

Favorite TV show (s) Will and Grace, Survivor, Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters.

Favorite Food (s); any. But I don't eat red meat.
Age; Doesn't matter
Gender; Doesn’t matter. 
Location; Doesn’t matter.
How long have you been penpalling;Well, this would be my first online penpal. I'm pretty excited :D

How many penpals do you have; None right now
How many do you want; As many as wants to write me!
How long are your letters; Depends. Sometimes long, sometimes short. Depends what we are talking about!
Do you type or handwrite; When I send a letter it's handwritten of course o_o, but I like typing emails or even more chatting on messenger. Iperfer to send letters though.
Do you like sending gifts with your letters; It depends on the relationship I guess and how long and often the contact is, but I may do that
Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters; Depends what I have going on and stuff. And snail mail, etc. But normally not that long.

How long it takes to get there? Depends on where it is, and the mail people... ._."



Oct. 14th, 2008 | 12:37 pm
mood: awake awake
music: DMC OST- Devils Never Cry
posted by: momopixi in animepenpals

 Name:  Angie
Nickname(s): Gi-gi, Pixi
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthday: Oct. 5
Sign: Libra
Hair color: currently light brown, but I dye it a lot....
Eye color: Green and gold
Location: Florida US
Email: angelasteiner26@yahoo.com

Penpal email account: same as above......
AIM: don't have it
MSN: angela.steiner@comcast.net
ICQ: don't have that either. ^^

Interests: Lol, lots of em.. Let's see, art, music (can play guitar, bass, piano screw around with them randomly), photography, writing, reading novels/graphic novels/manga, movies, anime, talking, debating, belly dancing, making jewelry/clothing/accessories. Lots of other stuff, but that is the Cliff's Notes version.....
Work: I work at an in home care facility for developmentally disabled adults. It's a really fun job!
School: Not at the moment. i plan on college in the near future though. Probably graphic arts.
Tattoos/Piercing: 5 tattoos, and although I only currently have jewelry in my ears/bellybutton/monroe, I have several other piercings (if u want specifics for whatever reason- 2 eyebrow, nose, both sides of my lip, labret, industrial)

System: Playstation2, PSP, Gamecube but I REALLY want  an X-box 360
Favorite Videogame(s): Any FF, DMC, Castlevania, Xenosaga, KH, Tekken, and I want to get Arcana Heart really badly.

Favorite Anime(s): Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, any Tenchi, Death Note, Bleach, Vampire Hunter D, Blood: The Last Vampire, The Big O, Revolutionary Girl Utena, CCS, Appleseed, Elfen Lied, many others. I am addicted to anime...

Favorite Manga(s): Model, Nana, Death Note, Vampire Hunter D, Fruits Basket, DearS, Chobits, Rozen Maiden, the Wallflower (omg, I love them), Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, CCS, XXXHolic, Return to Labyrinth, Bizenghast, DN Angel, Tokyo Mew Mew, again I could go on and on...

Favorite Band/Singer(s): Ooh, many, many... Umm Ani Difranco, Miyavi, Dir En Grey, COF, DevilDriver, the Gazette, Aural Vampire, hide/ X-Japan, Malice Mizer, Nana Kitade, Utada Hikaru, Buckcherry, Anna Tsuchiya, MSI, etc. etc. 

Favorite Movie(s): Again, so many.... Just a few:
Death Note films, Kamikaze Girls, Oldboy, Nobody Knows, Boondock Saints, Just Friends, My Best Friend's Wedding, FFVII: Advent Children

Favorite TV Show(s): House, Psych, Ninja Warrior

Favorite Food(s): ummm candy.......

Age: somewhere near my own preferably
Gender: don't care
Location: "

How long have you been penpalling: off and on since I was a kid
How many penpals do you have: right now, just one
How many do you want: lots
How long are your letters: depends on what I have to say- I aim for at least a page and a half though
Do you type or handwrite: whatever is decided btwn. me and my pp
Do you like sending gifts with your letters: sometimes. But it's not necessary.
Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters: within a week of receiving
How long it takes to get there: depends on where it's going.. ^_~