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Pen Pal

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Feb. 5th, 2009 | 11:56 am
location: at home
mood: working working
music: in my head
posted by: kitari_letrojan in animepenpals

Name: Shelley
Nicknames:~ Mai or Kitty
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday: 24 January 1990
Sign: Aqweerian (LUL)  and born in year of the snake as chineese new year was after my birthday
Hair color: many colours purple black brown red ( purely accidental )
Eye color:  green eye and a blue eye
Location: Aotearoa ( NZ)

Penpal email account: shelley_is_me@yahoo.com
AIM: n/a
MSN: bellossem@hotmail.com
ICQ: n/a
Google Talk: n/a

Anime, Manga, Music, Writing poems and stories drawing and painting and having some good lols

Accounting - and admin


Sega master system 2 and psp

Favorite Videogame(s): 
sega games

Favorite Anime(s):

Black Lagoon
The Wallflower
ceres celestial legend

Favorite Manga(s):

Ceres celestial legend
The Reformed
Fruits BAsket

Favorite Band/Singer(s):
Pendulum - and old rock music

Favorite Movie(s):
Wall-e and Howls Moving Castle


Age: 16 and up? basically if you have good english and you arent after money or somewhere to live then you are sweet

  not too bias but if you are male keep in mind i have a partner and i dont want anything other than friendship

not bothered >w<

How long have you been penpalling:
I have in the past when i was younger within the same country :3

How many penpals do you have:
none atm

How many do you want:
1-2 i guess but i see what happens im not too bothered

How long are your letters:
It depends - what i have been up too i try to write a "reasonable amount"

Do you type or handwrite:
  both but handwrite is better

Do you like sending gifts with your letters:
depends - how long i have known them for it will be inexpensive things tho

Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters:
I usually respond when i get one

i like to email first before i handwrite letters ~
but yeah im easy as cake so go fo it ~

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