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just a girl looking for a penpal~

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Feb. 18th, 2009 | 09:31 pm
mood: hungry hungry
posted by: lunareuphoria in animepenpals

Name: Lauren
Nicknames: Kei
Age: 20, 21 in 39 days! ♥
Gender: Female~
Birthday: March 29, 1988
Sign: Aries/Dragon
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Blue/Gray
Location: New Jersey~♥

Penpal email account: MouHitoriNoKei@aol.com
AIM: MouHitoriNoKei
MSN: n/a
ICQ: n/a
Google Talk: n/a

Anime, manga, video games, reading, writing, music, watching movies, graphic making, musicals, stand up comedians and so on~
TV shows: The Amazing Race, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Solitary, Bridezillas, The Golden Girls, Roseanne,Family Guy, The Simpsons, Wife Swap, Trading Spouses, Nanny 911, SuperNanny, South Park and so much more, omg...X3

I work at Godiva Chocolatier, a chocolate store...and no, it is not as awesome as everyone thinks. It's...okay but not like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory~

Two piecerings in each ear and one tattoo of this heart ♥ Yes, the Kingdom Hearts heart. :3

Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii~

Favorite Videogame(s): Kingdom Hearts series, Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney series, Final Fantasy series, Cooking Mama, Pokémon, Devil May Cry, Trauma Center, Guitar Hero, The World Ends With You, Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist of the Roses, Yu-Gi-Oh: Capsule Monster Colissium, Dance Dance Revolution, Mario Party 1 - 3 and quite a few more.

Favorite Anime(s): This list goes on for miles...Yu-Gi-Oh!, Avatar: The Last Airbender (Not really anime, I know, but close~), Sailor Moon, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Tenjho Tenge, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Fruits Basket, Weiss Kruez, Fushigi Yuugi, Gravitation, Loveless, Ouran High School Host Club, Ghost Stories, SuperGals, D.N.Angel, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Shattered Angels, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Yu Yu Hakusho and like a MILLION more.

Favorite Manga(s): Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pretty Face, NANA, Hero Heel, Fruits Basket, Loveless, Sensual Phrase, Sailor Moon, D.N.Angel, The Gentleman's Alliance, Absolute Boyfriend, Ouran High School Host Club and a MILLION more.

Favorite Band/Singer(s): The All-American Rejects, P!NK, Within Temptation, The Backstreet Boys, Kerli, Adam Pascal, Jem, Paramore, Linkin Park, Avril Lavinge, Rihanna, TATU, Evanescence, Cascada, Britney Spears, Christine Aguleria, Fallout Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars, Panic! At The Disco, Eric Stuart, Maroon 5, Groove Coverage, Savage Garden, Nickleback and...quite a lot more. I love music.

Favorite Movie(s): The Rocky Horror Picture Show, RENT, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Cloverfield, Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, The Crow, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Child's Play, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey...so many more, I love movies just as much as I love music. XD

Age: Anything really. Ages 20 - 26 is okay~♥

Gender: Female is prefered~

Location: Surprise me! ♥

How long have you been penpalling: For a few years, on and off. I've lost touch with a lot of my really wonderful penpals that I hope to find again...so I kinda got discouraged.

How many penpals do you have: None at the moment, save for a few friends I know online and we just randomly write each other letters. :3

How many do you want: A few, maybe 3 - 4. :3

How long are your letters: Depending on my mood, really. Anywhere from one full page, front and back, to 3-ish.

Do you type or handwrite: I do like to handwrite but I may sneak a typed something or other in there if I'm at work and get bored. X3

Do you like sending gifts with your letters: I try. If work has gotten slow and I have little cash, then I can't...but I do like to! I love making people smile! :D

Usually, how long does it take you to send/write letters: Not too long usually...if it's not around a major holiday. Then I end up getting stressed but this is a chance for me to change that and be quicker! :D So, I wil try to get things out quickly! :3

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Re: hello there *waves*

қөї ✩ ❝ⒽⓄⓌ ⓢⒽⓄⓤⓛⒹ ⓘ ⒻⓔⒺⓛ?❞

From: lunareuphoria
Date: Mar. 1st, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)

♥ Sounds like a plan for me~! Now, moment of truth, who writes the first letter? :3

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Re: hello there *waves*

қөї ✩ ❝ⒽⓄⓌ ⓢⒽⓄⓤⓛⒹ ⓘ ⒻⓔⒺⓛ?❞

From: lunareuphoria
Date: Mar. 1st, 2009 02:18 am (UTC)

Sent, hun~♥

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From: anonymous
Date: Oct. 15th, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC)

My name is Winfred Q, from West Africa, Ghana.I'm a student and offering Art in school. Well, you have a nice profile out here and will like to get to know more about you if that's is cool with you because I'll like to shear some art work with you here in Africa if you don't mind. I also like handwriting because it tells a lot about the person in which you are talking of chatting with and it is REAL too.
You can email me on my yahoo address. treva.john@yahoo.com and I will much happy to hear from you. Thanks a lot for the time
I also hope you will get to know more about me and I'm not a scanner? I am a good friend.

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From: sammybongo
Date: Feb. 7th, 2011 04:01 am (UTC)

Yellow my name is Samantha I am a 20 year old girl living in Edmonton Canada AB all my life never left here but want to too someday and see the world like all over the place I only know English I want to learn Japanese Chinese Koren French and other stuff. I live with my mother father brother who is 19 and 8 pets I am a big animal lover big time my family is also but I am the biggest out of them all.

My pets are 2 orange tabby cats girls 8 year old, Panda male hamster 1 year old, White mouse saved from being snack food Brown gerbil saved from being snack food, 1 male bunny 1 year old name monkey 2 red belly newts of the Japanese kind I love them all like family there not just pets to me at all.

I am into anime video games talking poems reading books manga drawing art coloring painting making stuff cooking baking music movies Japanese Chinese Koren French History so much more. I also love hello kitty pucca small cute kawaii stuff.

I am Bisexal girl I am into boys and girls I had a couple of boyfriends in my life but nothing really ever worked out all were long distance never face to face and that was ok with me I only had 2 girlfriends both really sucked big time but I am still looking for that special someone boy or girl to have something special with to fall in love someday I want to have kids maybe marry not too sure on my life right now sorry to say.

I left school in middle of grade 9 I will do home school or something when I get more money for it I use to work at a movie place then start to work as a babysitter I really love kids and they really love me I am good at babysitting kids of all age groups. I am looking for a new babysitting job but nothing going on yet sucks a lot o well.

I don't care for looks like other people I am not the best looking or hot sexy cute skinny but I am me and that all that should matter to people and friends I don't care how I look because I am who I am that all nothing will make me change my self I am more of a tomboy and get along with guys better then girls not sure why.

Some video games I like\love Final Fantasy Harvest Moon Kingdom Hearts Pokemon Digimon Cooking Mama Tales Series Mega Man Phantom Brave Super Monkey Ball Dead Or Alive Dragon Quest series Mario Series Sonic Series Hello Kitty Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross The Sims Series Kirby Donkey Kong Mickey The Legend of Zelda Series and so much more most RPG are my thing but others are my stuff too.

Want to know more about me well just message me E mail me on MSN or Yahoo and I will get back to you ASAP thanks for all who were reading hope to make lots of friends here and get some new Pen Pals people here also yay bye.

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